Mike Bunney

Profile Updated: September 13, 2014
Mike Bunney
Residing In: Drayton Valley, AB Canada
Occupation: Safety Supervisor
Children: Jesse, born 1989; Jordan, born 1990; Jaydon, born 1993
Class Year 1975
Yes! Attending Reunion

Moved to Drayton Valley in 1977 and started working on service rigs in the oilpatch. Have worked in the patch ever since. Had a lot of good times working in the oilfield and met a lot of great people. A tough life at times being away from home and partying too much but have learned some valuable lessons and survived many near-miss experiences. I still have all my fingers as well! Ha-ha.

School Story:

Back in Grade 8 or so Ray Johnston drove an Austin Mini to school and when we went out to blast off for lunch a bunch of guys lifted and carried Ray's car up on the back steps and into the hallway of the school. The Principal gave Ray some grief and he had to plead with the guys to lift and carry the mini back to the parking lot. Ha-ha.

I used to bug Ray about his piss-ass little car and Ray said that he will bring his brothers' Chevy Nova to school and kick my ass in a race. I owned a Chevy Beaumont so the race was on. Ray and I and a bunch of class-mates went to Sumas Road at lunchtime and I kicked his ass in the race burning rubber while he got ahead and then I blew by him well before the finish line. Ray went back to school and didn't even stop to pick up the mates that went there with him. We all piled in my Beaumont and went back to school to bug Ray. It was the last time I ever heard anything about his brothers super Chevy Nova. Chevrolet all the way. What you say Ray?